Ika-33 Jury Statement: Short Feature Category

January 25, 2023

For this year’s Gawad Alternatibo Short Feature Category, we received more than 140 entries. 140 different voices that showcase filmmakers from all over the Philippines. Filmmakers who are telling stories with new tones, themes and a passionate spirit that push the envelope in alternative storytelling.  The shaking and reshaping of social structures in a pandemic, relational redefinition in an anxious society, the nuanced empowerment of women and children, and even the double-edged sword that connects and yet disconnects us through social media; these powerful themes have emerged from the film entries this year.

It has been almost two years since the COVID-19 pandemic hit us, has claimed millions of lives and forced us into a global pause. It has changed how we see the world, how we relate with one another and how we navigate an uncertain future. In spite of the seemingly unforeseeable landscape that these changes pound on us, we are certain that what remains stronger is the indomitable spirit that a filmmaker has to tell stories.

This spirit enables us to see a future for filmmakers that builds on the gains of the past generation but creates a space for the progress of an emerging and progressive generation. This is what inspires us. It gives us the endurance to press on, move forward and hope with unwavering passion.

The Short Feature Jury:


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