Ika-34 Jury Statement: Animation Category

January 25, 2023

We Filipinos are great storytellers. Animation is one of the many artforms that we use to tell our stories. For the 2022 Gawad Alternatibo Animation Category, we have received 23 entries from animators from different parts of the country. There were stories that focused on social political issues. There were shorts regarding advocacies such as environmental concerns. Some entries were more personal, psychological, and others more surreal. The art styles and animation techniques vary from stop motion puppet animation, 2D animation, 3D animation, and mixed media. The Jury had rigorous, thought provoking, and entertaining discussions. We watched and rewatched the films and had a dialogue amongst each other.

Gawad Alternatibo should still, if possible, maintain its edgy, quirkiness. It is the alternative to the mainstream and the “main-die”. It is a safe space for all kinds of stories, and is open to animation with different perspectives, sensitive topics that would otherwise not be screened unless have a form of censorship.

There is an apt saying, “When everybody zigs, zag.”, and that’s just what CCP aims to achieve with this festival. Animators and filmmakers do not necessarily have to go with the flow with what is trendy, what is popular, and what is more commercially marketable or “client-friendly”, nor does it need to appeal to the audience. There is no need to follow a certain art style, vibe, or technique. Even the aspect ratio varies from one animation entry to the next.

This is the beauty of Gawad Alternatibo. There is no limit to animation. The only limit is with the animators. We encourage animators and future animators to open their minds to all kinds of animation styles and content, to be self-aware and have a self-deprecating sense of humor. We as artists also need to stay humble and learn to appreciate the medium as it is. Try not to overthink and just create. Continue to experiment and explore the various tools and techniques used in animation and apply it to future creations. We look forward to what more unique and alternative animations Filipino animators will showcase in the coming years.

The jurors are thankful for the opportunity given to us by the Gawad Alternatibo Team and the CCP.

The Animation Jury:


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